Friday, February 11, 2011

Would You Be My Valentine?

New Flash: I am a big Valentine's Day fan. I love the idea of getting several dozen long stem roses. It goes with the territory. On February 14th I allow my inner Greek romantic side to come out and play. I even like getting one of those mushy Hallmark cards from my Sweetie. For those of you who know me this doesn't come as a huge surprise - after all most of the songs I write and sing are all about love, dreaming about love, the pursuit of love and holding onto love. I am not jaded like some female songwriters who also write and sing about hunting down  the love that got away and beating the crap out of him. I just don't roll like that.

But where my traditional Valentine's day celebration is different from most girl's is the chocolates. Don't get me wrong, there has to be some chocolate somewhere on Valentine's day, but just not a whole box of it. One small piece does the trick for me. After one piece I start  to think of myself as a Weight Watchers member wannabe. I am not obsessed with my weight, I just wanna stay the size I am currently at. And for the record, for the people who use companies like weight watchers to help them lose weight or keep their weight under control, I salute you. Whatever it takes is what you need to do. Look at Jennifer Hudson -- she now looks amazing!
So with it being Valentine's day coming up and all, here is a little secret. Here is the real way into this Blonde Greek Girl's heart:
Yes through my sneakers.
I am so excited about the new Nike Air MAx 2011. This is just one totally rocking pair of sneakers.
Then my manager Mr. Bricks pointed out this fresh pair of kicks, the Air Jordan I Retro
And then I thought to myself.... for once Mr. Bricks got something right. What's better than one new pair of sneakers for Valentine's day? Two pairs of new sneakers!
I'm in love! (with the sneakers not with Mr. Bricks)
Happy Valentine's Day.


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