Friday, February 18, 2011

Step Away From The Coffee Cup

                                                       Ava Aston                        Getty Images © 2011
Of course I'm smiling in this photo, I have a cup of coffee in my hands. The photo was snapped of me as I walked back to my car after getting my morning cup of coffee yesterday. I think the photographer was waiting for me. For those of you who are daily readers of my blog, you might remember the time I sent my manager Mr. Bricks undercover at this Dunkin' Doughnuts location to find out what other people thought of me. The blog was called Undercover Boss.  You can read that blog post here. I must admit, I thought it turned out pretty funny.
I love, love, LOVE coffee. I seriously think I should check myself into the hospital and have an MRI done on my noggin. I highly suspect that caffeine is running through my veins and that coffee is my blood type. I know it is silly that I am powerless over a freshly brewed cup of happiness, but I am and I admit it. I did try to check myself into a Coffee Drinkers Anonymous but they kicked me out. Apparently, they are called 12 steps, and not 12 cups!! Hey, I just thought I was working the program. Personally I have always thought coffee as one of the major food groups anyway.
So, I showed Mr. Bricks this photo of me that was taken and he said I look hypnotized by the coffee aroma. He said my eyes looked glazed over. That was coming from a dude with a lazy eye. Then Mr. Bricks asked if I got him a glazed doughnut? His eyes are going to be glazed over when I smash a dozen glazed doughnuts into his noggin some day. He is not right I tell you.
Did you know Mr. Bricks doesn't even like coffee? In fact he doesn't like any hot liquids, which includes teas, coffees, soups, gravy's  and most sauces. When I was interviewing managers I should have asked him the question, "Do you drink coffee?" But I didn't, because I thought all normal people drink coffee....but then again there is nothing normal about Mr. Bricks.
Did you also know that in some prisons coffee is the currency for the inmates because they are not allowed to have real money while they are locked up in the big house? When they go to the canteen or the "store" as they call it, they buy bags of instant coffee and then repackage it into little baggies of individual serving amounts. That is what they use to pay other inmates to get tattoos, buy cigarettes, homemade liquor and any other illegal drugs that they want, but can't buy at the "store." I know all of this because I am Greek and smart...and because I watched an episode of "Hard Time"on the National Geographic channel. When I started watching the show I thought it was a co-ed prison because there were guys and girls in the same cells. But as I looked closer I realized those guys....ummm, they were girls. In this case it wasn't Dude looks like a Lady it was Lady looks like a Dude - just sayin'.
Seriously, I couldn't handle being locked up like that. But if I ever was... it's nice to know at least I could still get my coffee!



  1. Lady Looks like a Dude? Sounds like all of President Obama's appointees. I like my samurai chai mate tea not a coffee guy!

  2. I'm about to start drinking coffee right now! I completely understand the coffee fix!