Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Born This Way

Ava Aston Copyright © 2011
I get a lot of flack from people saying I am either too Greek or not Greek enough. I am too blonde or not blonde enough. And when it comes to my love of sports and working out, I hear I am too much of a tom boy, but when I pass by a Kohl's or a sneakers store and I enter a shopping trance - I am too much of a girlie girl. I say, what the heck, I was born this way.
I am just who I am. I am silly, creative, loyal and I'd like to think talented and pretty. Hopefully that is what most of you like about me. I am not, fake I am real. I pretty much say what ever comes out of my noggin. What you see folks is what you get. I was born this way.
I love my Greek heritage. I think it sets me apart from just another blonde girl. I will let you decide if that is a good or bad thing. (Mr. Bricks - shut your pie hole, no comments from you) I am an animated chatter box at times. Other times I find peace and tranquility in just lying on the couch not saying a word with my four doggy fur babies surrounding me. But that's me, I was born this way.
I wasn't born with a perfect body so I run 5 miles every day or do an intensive workout (really I do.) I love eating healthy. Those are two things my body tells me to do to stay in the best possible shape. I know people who just can't get it in their noggin that exercising and eating healthy are good for you. Although I may not have been born with a perfect body I feel fortunate that I now believe that a healthy lifestyle can help me achieve a perfect body. Another person I know, and I won't name them by name, I will just call them "Mr. Lazy Eye" was born  the way he is with his beliefs that he can pretty much eat whatever he wants and not work out. Sadly, I do believe that he is not alone and many more people are born with his belief system that were born with a belief in living and eating a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise there would not be 32,158 McDonald's franchises world-wide, 11,500 Burger Kings and 5,845 Taco Bells - Just sayin'
I think when people want to rebel against society in one form or another it is very easy to say - I was born this way. Maybe that is true. But the reality is (myself included) we all could use some self-improvement in one way or another to make us a better person. Other wise if our total fulfillment is established at birth - what is the point of life? At the same time I do think it is important to embrace the differences in others. There are some great stories of individual overcoming great odds to achieve greatness, despite the way and or conditions they were born into. Woodrow Wilson struggled with dyslexia, but overcame it and became President. President Franklin D. Roosevelt contracted polio, famous actor James Earl Jones has dealt with a stuttering problem since childhood, Halle Berry has diabetes...the list of individuals who didn't quit or cop-out by saying, I was born this way is endless (and very inspirational.)
My manager Mr. Bricks has been approached by several Christian Record labels. As much as you hear me say, "I want a record deal Mr. Bricks" you would think I would be jumping at the chance, especially since my musical tastes are rooted in Contemporary Christian music. But somewhere deep seeded in my coconut is the logic that I want to be a main stream Pop/Rock recording artist because I can be more effective in that arena. My life style and beliefs are pretty mainstream America and very un-rock star like. I have never trashed a hotel room, I have never OD on drugs and I have never gotten out of a limo with a short skirt and no underpants. I just don't roll like that. I was born this way to make a difference in other people's lives. Singing Contemporary Christian Music to Christians is akin to preaching to the choir. So, I want to attack the beast head on. I want to become a beacon in the very dark world of rock and roll. I want to be that the one role model and inspiration to people everywhere who when they hear me say, I was born this way - that it a good thing!

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