Monday, February 21, 2011

Mystic Pizza

This is a great old school movie
When you are looking for an old-time classic movie to rent from Netflix or Blockbuster, I highly recommend Mystic Pizza. When you are hungry for a tasty snack I highly recommend pizza, whether it is mystic or not. One of the best part of living in New York City is Pizza. Yup. Pizza. You can get the best (and worst) pizza 24 hours a day in Manhattan.

Real New York City Pizza - yummo!
When I am on the road doing shows and start jonsing for pizza, I will from time to time ask a local where is their favorite place in that city is to go get a slice of  pizza? Sharing the name of their favorite pizza place must be like sharing a juicy rumor about a former BFF, because most people were excited and eager to give up the information where to get a slice of pie.
Not all pizza is created equal. Recently I was in nearby Connecticut and I was hoodwinked into going to the reported birthplace of the American pizzeria, the Frank Pepe Pizzeria of New Haven, Connecticut. I say hoodwinked because my friends convinced me that I would enjoy a slice of the white clam pie, claiming it was the pizzeria's most popular type of pizza. I can tell my friends were not on the company's payroll. They couldn't have been for making a recommendation like that, because it was not a good recommendation. Clam as a pizza toping - that is just so wrong - on so many levels. And let me tell you it was just as disgusting as it sounds.  After that experience, I made a pledge to my little Greek self that any slice of pizza I put in my pie hole (and yes, it's a pizza pie hole) needs to have red sauce, not white sauce - that's just how I roll. I tried to be polite and eat one slice, but I felt like Mr. Bricks trying to swallow vegetables. I was gagging and coughing and using massive amounts of water just to get down each bite. It was not a site for the faint of heart.
So what do you like on your pizza?

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  1. There is just nothing like New York pizza! You can't get the same stuff here in California that I know of...Love just a plain cheese slice of the NY stuff! And I love Mystic Pizza - great movie! Clam?! Yuck! You get a power badge just for trying! ;)