Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Big Dog vs Small Dog

So here I am with my Great Dane Sampson, who is now in heaven.  He was an amazing dog.  It was really great having him for the short time that I did, he developed spinal degeneration at the age of eight.  I used to hear so many silly comments from people, it used to make me laugh at the things they would say about his size... "Hey is that a dog or a horse" coming from some dude with a big pie eating grin on his mug from across the street on a walk.  I'm thinking, really... seriously? Or there was always one of my favorite's "Hey do you have a saddle for that?" Again, some really "A" material on the big dog jokes don't ya think?
Since Sam's passing, I went in a totally different direction with my dog size choice. I now have three Pekingese who weight 8,10, 13 lbs & one little 4 lb Maltese... Collectively they don't even make half of a Sampson. Which is kind of handy seeing as though when I go on tour it's like having one big dog in four little pieces. So I was thinking about what makes people choose the pets they do, or do our pets end up choosing us?
I have always loved animals, even as a little girl.  I was out in the yard as early as four years old picking up snakes (yikes).  One time I rode my bike down to the local pet store (2 miles away) to buy a hamster with a $5.oo bill I found on the floor in a diner (yup I was even in the Greek diner's back then at age seven).  Or my personal favorite, hiding a kitten in my room thinking somehow my mom would not find out, what was I thinking? You see I'm allergic to cats, but I just could not resist a neighbor kid giving away a kitten, so home I'd go and hide it in my room.  Only to come home from school to find my mom sitting on my bed hold it asking "Ava, what is this..." Me: "ummm what, I don't know what it is or where it came from."...
Bobo sporting a party hat!
So it only stands to reason that this grown up Greek Girl has always had lots of fur kids around. To tell the story of how I ended up with four dogs, would be four totally different blogs.  We all know this Greek Blonde Girl loves to yap her trap but to keep it short I'll just tell you about my Pekingese "BoBo".  He was a rescue from Petfinder.com  It is a really wonderful option to choose if you are looking for a fur baby.  They have been around for fifteen years and have had over seventeen million adoptions. That's a lot of fur kids finding forever homes (well lets hope they were forever homes).  It's great because you can search in your local area for specific breeds of dogs, cats, horses, birds, whatever creature floats your boat.  It helps rescue organizations help more animals, as most have a nominal adoption fee that covers vet expenses, etc. and this helps them to be able to help more animals who need saving.  Pets really only want our love, and they have so much to give.  No matter what kind of muckery a day has brought there is nothing like coming home to the love of your fur baby.  Even Mr. Bricks has a wire haired fox terrier named Sunny, (he's adorable btw).  Gee I just hope Mr. Bricks doesn't feed him McRibs.

Mr. Bricks please do not feed Sunny any McRibs

*Please remember to spay & neuter your furkids....  just sayin.
Blessings ~
Ava xox

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