Wednesday, June 22, 2011

People Who Live in Glass Houses

It's OK to be Different ;D
We've all heard the saying more times probably than we care to remember.  If you stop to think about it, are most of the people who are throwing the saying around - really doing so?  Not throwing stones, that is.
I mean everyone wants or likes to "think" that they are open minded, and not really judging people.  But if you stop to really ask yourself, are you really accepting of others for who and what they are and or believe or does it only apply to people who share the same ideology, religion or political persuasion as you do?  Oh boy Mr. Bricks is probably going to choke on his MCrib sandwich today when he reads my blog because I just broke the cardinal rule of a Rock Star.  I just used the words politics and religion in the same sentence...  Yikes ~ I may just end up in Bricks Jail after this blog.
Seriously though.... with so much media inundating us from every direction, there's facebook, twitter, and about a zillion news channels to watch as well as internet websites.  I can see where it could be easy to let your mind be swayed to a "popular" opinion on anything, without even realizing it is happening to you.  Take for example any murder trial such as the Casey Anthony Trial that has received a lot of media coverage.  No one knows what happened in any situation unless you were actually there.  Unless you are serving as a judge, juror or personally involved in a situation it's silly to make assumptions about a persons innocence or guilt.  Yet I would guess it'd be a safe bet to say we have all at one time or another been guilty of it.
There are some people who are so wrapped up into politics that they actually will not watch particular TV Networks just because that network may have a different view or ideology about things.  I just can not roll that way no matter how passionate about any particular subject I may be.  Because at the end of the day, life is just way too short to be so tightly wound up that you have to boycott networks, people or shows.  It would probably get pretty boring and or lonely.
Being in entertainment I have a lot of friends and associates with totally different views and thoughts about certain things ~ and you know what, that is OK with me. Not everyone has to agree on everything, and people can still be good people and have a lot of things in common even if they disagree about the two cardinal swear words... Religion & Politics.  I'm not saying to never speak your mind or get involved in the things and or causes that matter to you as an individual.  What I am saying, is everyone has the right to think what he or she thinks at the end of the day. ;D  "C'est la vie" the French phrase, "Such is life".
Have a beautiful blessed day ~
Ava :D xox

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