Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Famous Tweets That Never Actually Happened

It is hard to believe that the world hasn't always been this wired with human tracking devices like Twitter, Facebook  and Tumblr, etc. Last night I tweeted, I can't decide if I like Twitter or despise Twitter.  Regardless what my noggin decides on this important topic Twitter is now a valuable part of my life. I can't even imagine getting a cup of coffee or buying a new pair of sneakers and NOT broadcasting that tidbit of info to everyone in the universe. I don't use the GPS function pinpointing exactly where I am tweeting from because I find it a little creepy and for obvious security reasons. Besides no one really needs to know which Dunkin Donuts location I am at getting my coffee.
Today I did something I should never do. I let my Greek mind wander. Not about anything specific mind you, I just let it wander in general. I do that so I could have a good old-fashioned day-dream. I love day dreaming. I usually don't let my mind wander because I am scared it might not come back. And then I would be a Greek girl without a record deal and without a functioning noggin. Not good.
So today I was laying in the back yard, soaking up the sun, day dreaming and wondering what my grand parents and great grand parents would have thought about things like computers and social networking? I wonder what their tweets would have been like?
"Saw a motion picture at the theater today. It had sound. Freaked me out"
"Going to the Barn Dance tonite. Who wants to go?"
"Gas is up to 6 cents a gallon, where will it stop?"
"Had to walk 8 miles to school today in the snow. Can't wait to get sneakers or boots  someday"
"Got our new Sears and Roebuck catalogue today. It's really gay."
And then I was thinking about old famous people and wondered how history would have been captured by their tweets:
@OrvilleWright  - "Working on new invention, not sure if it will ever get off the ground"
@HenryFord - "Just got done pimping my new ride, the Model T. It'll hit speeds of 30 mph"
@AbrahamLincoln - "Play is about ready to start"  Tweeted from Ford's Theatre
@MamaCass - "Going to deli for ham sammich"
@QueenMarieAntoinette - "I know of a really good cake boss if anyone needs a bakery"
@MarcelMarceau -   "                                 "
@AlCapone - "The only thing for sure in life is death and taxes. Like I care about taxes"
@BetsyRoss - "Just finishing up a new sewing project. I think you will like it!"
@Sacajawea - "Why can't men ever stop and ask for directions?" With Lewis & Clark
@NeilArmstrong - "Wow the view here is out of this world"
@BenjaminFranklin - "Kinda stormy outside but going kite flying anyways"
@ChristopherColumbus - "Went sailing today with my homies. Found new country."
@GrouchoMarx - "Costco wants me to join. I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member"
@EvelKnievel -"Oops. That's going to leave a mark"
@GeorgeWashington - "One cherry tree down. Wasn't me. For reals"
@DrSeuss - "Was interrupted while cooking breakfast. Now eggs are all green"
@AlfredHitchcock - "Most horror films are for the birds"
@JPaulGetty - "Big news about the kidnapping of my son. Keep you ear to the radio for details"
@RayKroc - "Has anyone tried my fake pork sandwich w/bbq sauce, pickle and oinions  on a bun?"   RT/ @mrbrick  "I have. It's delish"
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