Thursday, June 16, 2011

Whistle While You Work

My producer Damien & I in the studio, he sure is one funny guy...
Do you have one of the jobs where you sit a cubicle all day and listen to the person next to you whistle all day? That would make my coconut explode. Then there are those Cubicle A-Type  Personality Dwellers (CADS) that you can hear their every perfect phone conversation  with every girl with a heart beat who this CAD has buffaloed into thinking she was special.  Makes you want to sprint into his cubicle when he takes one of his frequent breaks to visit the bathroom so he can check himself out in the mirror and hit redial on his phone and tell the unsuspecting lady just what a jerk this guy is.
I am lucky, the only cubicle at my job is the recording booth....  The only thing I have to listen to is the sound of my own melodies & my producer Damien saying "That's Hot". Which is actually quite funny, because he is a big guy with a wicked sense of humor which makes for lots of goofing around at times.  But hey, like they say "if you can't laugh... you might as well be 6 ft under".  I know I don't want to be there anytime soon, so I plan to keep on laughing.  So I hope you enjoy the little clip of Damien & I doing just that, goofing around while working on a new song.  Looking to have this song finished mid July and God willing a whole new project done by my B~day in September.

Have a beautiful blessed day my blog buddies!
Ava xox

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