Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cap'n Crunch Walks the Plank

A breakfast with this is not Greek Girl approved
Have you ever noticed how guys can not just eat one bowl of breakfast cereal? Well, I am going to appoint myself as the Czar of  Breakfast Stuff (BS) and let you know that you should not be listening to those BS commercials.  Otherwise you will have to Leggo the Greek Girl's Eggo, just sayin'.
I know I know I am always harping about "you are what you eat", but really I can not say it enough. It's OK to have a bit of "bad foods" once in a while but really.... Capt'n Crunch for breakfast? Not so much, it is more like a dessert... and like a handful, not a bowl.  Sorry to burst anyone's sugar coated cereal bubble.
You only have one body and it really is a miracle.  What you put into it is really important, that's why for breakfast I'm all about egg whites.  Almost every day I have egg whites and a Thomas Light whole grain English Muffin with smart balance & peanut butter on it (peanut butter is a super food btw).  If I don't have egg whites, I usually have a 0% Fage Greek Yogurt (we talked about this in a blog last week).  Of course I wash it down with a coffee....  BTW are you following my coffee every day on twitter?  @avaaston ;D
I get that kids & even grown ups too like cartoons and all, but I have spent time in the cereal isle, and honestly it is really hard to find even one cereal that is balanced and "good" for you.  It's either too high in sugar, or not enough fiber & protein.... Also the serving size is generally 1/3 of a cup.  We all know that most people do not measure out their cereal before they eat it. So most people are actually eating like 3-4 servings of cereal... this makes for a lot of muckery.  Mood swings, and irritability from not having a balanced breakfast.
So take it from this Rock Chick ~ cereal.... not such a great choice for breakfast.  For me it's all bout being healthy, feeling good and being in shape for performances for my music & acting.  No matter what you do in life, it's important to be the best you can be, and eating a sugary cereal for breakfast is not for champions.  ;D just sayin.  If you absolutely have to have a cereal, best to read the label and make sure it has whole grains & a proper balance of protein, fiber, low sugar, and make sure to measure it.  I use lactose free skim milk, however there are lots of healthy choices for your cereal: almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, whatever floats your cereal boat.  A better choice for a breakfast cereal is steel cut oatmeal, Yummo!
After a Greek Girl approved breakfast you should be all ready to put on your sneakers for a kick butt workout! Go out & have a super spectacular day!
Love & Blessings ~
Ava :D xox

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