Monday, June 13, 2011

Get Your Head Out of The Clouds

I was dreaming there were clouds in my coffee

Growing up I was always a bit of day dreamer. That didn't help me much in school, but it sure made my song writing flourish. My Mom and  Dad would say I was their one child who always had their head in the clouds. It is because I was trying to write songs and my little neighborhood friends were playing Barbie Dolls or dress up. Songwriting always has been an escapism for me.
Now I have to pay a lot of money to keep the stuff from my noggin in the clouds. No, I do not mean I need to pay some guy in a white lab coat to extract what is coming out of my noggin. I need to pay my Internet Service Provider to store all of the cobwebby stuff from my noggin and the billions of megabytes  of data that is stored on my Macbook Pro. So who is the Einstein that came up with this whole cloud technology thingy? Better question is, what is this whole cloud technology thingy?
This image at the top of this blog post kind of gives the gist of what a cloud is when speaking about technology. If this Greek girl understands the diagram right, a cloud  is a virtual file cabinet or virtual kitchen junk drawer where all of your electronic documents, photos, videos, blogs, spreadsheets, email, contact lists and music can be stored and then be made accessible from any of your electronic  doohickeys. Oh, great I wonder if this means that whenever I can't find my car keys I will have to start check my freakin' cloud.
I remember one day when my sisters and I were little and I put down my song writing notebook and pencil long enough to spend some little girl time to lay in the grass and stare at the clouds. We were giggling because we thought we saw people's faces on the clouds. We saw our Dad, Aunt Iris and my sister Niki thought she the Easter Bunny. Oh Greek girls can be so silly.
It's funny how somethings in life come full circle. Just recently we were having another rainy day here in New York and we had some really wicked looking storm clouds rolling in. As I stood in my kitchen pretending to cook, I was looking out the window at the meanest, darkest, fiercest cloud I had ever seen. And as I looked at it closer - I swear I saw the image of Mr. Bricks and his lazy eye staring back at me. Time for another coffee. I would much rather have clouds in my coffee than Mr. Bricks lazy eye in my clouds, just sayin'

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