Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eye to Eye

Paris "Lazy-Eye" Hilton
I am not a gamer at all. I have never really figured out how to use those little machines like the Playstation,  Xbox and Nintendo because I have really tiny hands. But with my diminutive digits aside, even I am am very aware  of Nintendo’s latest console named 3DS which is all set to be launched Sunday on March 27th. 

OK, so it is understandable that the excitement level is at a fevered pitch among the tech geeks and console players across the planet as they await to uncover what Nintendo has in store for them this time. So as an avid blog reader of Ava Aston's Muckery you must be thinking to yourself,  OK, she has finally flipped her noggin this time. And you might be mumbling to yourself that perhaps I am a Geek blond girl and not a Greek blond girl. Well, I am here to say don't get your pantaloons all in a wad because I am indeed a Greek, not a Geek. But there still is a special reason why I am excited about the impending release of the Nintendo 3ds.

Playstation 3ds

According to Michael Duenas and the American Optometric Association the Nintendo 3DS, once slammed as an eye-destroying device, the Playstation is now being thought of as a tool for diagnosing eye disorders. According to Digital Trends, optometrists feel this could be a useful tool for early warning signs of a disorder called strabismus, or better known as a lazy eye. Other than Paris Hilton, (who doesn't like to talk about her Lazy Eye publicly) we all know someone else who needs to get a Nintendo 3DS to diagnosis their strabismus ASAP don't we? Hint: He is my manager and his last name rhymes with a popular breakfast cereal that has a rabbit for their mascot! 

The way that it works is that people who play the new Nintendo and who can't see the 3D effect could possibly have a lazy eye. Dizziness or discomfort caused by the 3DS could also indicate a vision problem. So this could be a godsend to a contingency of cranky old men like Mr. Bricks who have a Lazy Eye but are living in denial. All you have to do is hook their butts up to one of these little gadgets and if they can't see the special effects - bingo, it's official  - they have a Lazy Eye. Paris Hilton doesn't deny it she just doesn't like to talk about it. 

So other than being kinda creepy, what is a Lazy Eye? Well in simple non-medical terms it can be due to being cross eyed or wall eyed. The danger of the condition is that the noggin comes in time to rely more on one eye than the other and that part of the brain wiring gets mucked up and the circuitry connected to the less-favored eye fails to develop properly leading to potential blindness in that eye. The classic treatment, as I mentioned in the blog the other day is an eye patch.

NOTE: No managers or socialites were harmed during the writing of this blog!



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