Sunday, March 20, 2011

Who Is Rebecca Black?

13-year Old Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black was trending on Twitter.  Who is she and why was she trending? Last week I heard something buzzing on the internet about her and yet  no one I knew had ever heard of her. So who is Rebecca Black, and why does her video on you tube have almost 25 million views? I put on my best detective hat, grabbed a magnifying glass and this Greek blonde girl set out on a journey to get to the bottom of the Rebecca Black mystery. (Cue Pink Panther theme song)
Turns out, Rebecca Black is a 13-year old girl from California who recorded a song called "Friday." She comes from an affluent family who paid music producer Clarice Ray and his partner at their quasi record label called Ark Music Factory a lot of money to make a demo. According to my sources, Ark Music Factory used lots and lots of electronic filtering and something called auto tune voice technology to get a product that didn't make their ears bleed.
She made the video for the song "Friday" and put it up on You Tube. The video went viral.  The 25 Million views on YouTube Rebecca Black has, have all come in less than a month. The song is now all over the world. But the notoriety of the song and singer is for all of the wrong reasons. It has been labeled as "The Worst Song Ever." Ouch. That has to hurt.
So she is getting attention, but it is for all of the wrong reasons. Some comments towards Rebecca and her singing have been extremely mean. Note: These are NOT my comments, but comments from others:
"Her song "Friday" is the worst song I have ever heard. Even deaf people are complaining"
"I hate her voice. It's going to be stuck in my head forever. Friday, Friday, Friday OMG."
"First the earthquake and tsunami disasters in Japan have melted down Nuclear plants, now Rebecca Black's song "Friday" is released in America . We're all doomed"
"Rebecca Black? Where's Charlie Sheen when you need him?"
"Rebecca Black, we don't hate you because you're famous. You're famous because we hate you."
Those are all pretty harsh words. And they are not even from real music critics, they are just random tweeters. I hate to think what music critics would say. Well actually, it was a music critic at that started this all by saying, it was indeed the worst song they had ever heard. The rest is social media history.
So now you know who Rebecca Black is.
I do feel bad for her in a way, after all she is just 13-years old. But this whole situation started because Rebecca (and her parents) and everyone under the sun, thinks that they can now be a rock star, thanks to American Idol. American Idol is not a music conservatory like Juilliard dispensing classic singers. It is a reality series which produces slick packaged video clips about singers with a good tear-jerking back story and then gives them an audience of millions to vote which one of them is the best of the worst. News Flash -- Just because someone is on American Idol, it doesn't mean they are a really great singer. And now, thanks to Rebecca Black, we can say - just because a person has a video that has 25 million views on YouTube, doesn't mean they are a really great singer either.
The great news in all of this is that next year at this time Rebecca Black will be 14 and everyone will be saying, who's Rebecca Black? I predict her career will be shorter than the life span of a McRib in Mr. Bricks' hands.

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  1. Let us hope that her career is, indeed [short; because if not there is a danger that she will keep going like this with her parents footing the bill and the greedy record labels taking the money. And guess who is the only loser in the end? Just like many others in front of her like Britney Spears, and Lindsey Lohan (and from years ago Linda Ronstadt; Thought Ronstadt was a real great talent and the great musician that gave the world famous "Eagles" their start in Rock n Roll), she will end up as yet another neurotic, oversensitive (possibly psychotic) young woman who either has a problem with numerous addictions (to quite her brain), or ends up in some jail or sychiaric institute. and all because of what? Because of the mighty dollar and the greed of a few (supposedly wise) adults.
    Yours Truly America;
    Oleg Khaghani