Sunday, March 27, 2011

OMG! The Dictionary Is Changing

OMG? LOL? TTYL? PMP?  That's all Greek to me!!
Editors who publish the Oxford English Dictionary have added some common texting abbreviations to their newest updated publication.  Now, you can find the three letter abbreviations  OMG, LOL and BFF in their Dictionary.  If you need me to tell you what they stand for, well I suggest you put down the mouse, step away from the keyboard and wait for the nurses to come give your next round of medication.
It's nice that our friends across the pond are keeping up with the times but I really do not think they went far enough. They left out some of my very favorite texting abbreviations. So as the newly appointed Blond Greek Dictionary Czar I am recommending that everyone feel free to start using the following abbreviations as words in your day-to-day conversations and/or texts with your BBF's, family, co-workers, priest, the cat lady next door, enemies, Sales clerk at the Piggly Wiggly, favorite Aunt, parole officer, talent agent, secret agent, weird Uncle, former prison cell mate, lethargic DMV employees, bookie, blogging pals, the rude man on the subway who smells like urine or with your favorite talent manager.

BAC - Bad Assed Chick

BAGG - Bad Assed Greek Girl
BYOB - Boy You're Old Bricks
DIHARDYMB - Do I Have A Record Deal Yet Mr. Bricks?
DGYPIAW - Don't Get your Panties (or Pantaloons) In a Wad
DLTBBB - Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
IBK - Idiot Behind Keyboard
IBTD - I Beg To Differ
IMGN - In My Greek Noggin
PMFJI - Pardon Me For Jumping In
PMIGBOM - Put Mind In Gear, Before Opening Mouth
PMP - Peeing My Pants
PNCAH - Please, No Cursing Allowed Here
POS - Piece of Sh**
POTUS - President of the United States
PPL - People
PTMM - Please Tell Me More
R U THERE? - Are you there?
RL - Real Life
ROFL - Rolling On Floor Laughing
ROFLAS - Rolling On Floor Laughing And Screaming
ROFLMAO - Roll On Floor Laughing My Ass Off
ROTFLMAOTID - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off Till I Die
ROTFLOL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
ROTFLOLAPMP - Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud And Peeing My Pants
ROTFLTIC - Rolling On The Floor Laughing Till I Cry
ROTFAGD - Rolling on The Floor And Getting Dirty
ROTFFNAR - Rolling on The Floor For No Apparent Reason
ROTFBIADACSU - Rolling on The Floor Because I'm Drunk And Can't Stand Up
ROTFBICTOABS - Rolling On The Floor Because I Can't Think of A Blog Subject
RTWFQI - Read The Whole Freakin' Question Idiot
S - Smile
SCNR - Sorry, Could Not Resist
SETE - Smiling Ear To Ear
SICSAY - Sitting In Chair Snickering At You
SNAFU - Situation Normal: All Fouled Up
SOB - Stressed Out Bigtime
SOL - Sneakers Or Lunch?
SOS - Same Old Sneakers
SUL - Snooze You Loose
SWIM - See What I Mean?
SWL - Screaming With Laughter
SYS - See You Soon
TAF - That's All, Folks!
TAFN - That's All For Now
TAKS - That's a knee slapper
TARFU - Things Are Really Fouled Up
TIA - Thanks In Advance
TIC - Tongue In Cheek
TINWISMB- That Is Not What I Said Mr. Bricks
TNSTAAFLMB - There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch Mr. Bricks
TNTL - Trying Not To Laugh
TNXE6 - Thanks A Million
TOBAL - There Oughta Be A Law
TOBG - This Oughta Be Good
TOY - Thinking Of You
TPTB - The Powers That Be
TRDMC - Tears Running Down My Cheeks
TS - Totally Stinks
TTBOMK - To The Best Of My Knowledge
TTFN - Ta Ta For Now
TTKSF - Trying To Keep a Straight Face
TTTT - To Tell The Truth
TTYL - Talk To You Later
TTYT - Talk To You Tomorrow
TYVM - Thank You Very Much
UOK - Are You OK?
WAEFCDC- When All Else Fails Drink Coffee
WAG - Wild Assed Guess
WB - Welcome Back
WDALYICMB - Who died and left you in charge Mr. Bricks?
WDYMBT - What Do You Mean By That?
WDYT - What Do You Think?
WE - Whatever
WIBAMU - Well, I'll Be A Monkey's Uncle
WMMOWS - Wash My Mouth Out With Soap
WOA - Work Of Art
WOTAM - Waste Of Time And Money
WT - Without Thinking
WTB - Want To Buy
WTBS - Want To Buy Sneakers
WTF - Where's The Fun?
WTG - Way To Go!
WTH - What the hell?
WTTM - Without Thinking Too Much.
XOXOXO - Kisses and hugs
YGTI - You Get The Idea?
YGTBK - You've Got To Be Kidding
YGWYPF - You Get What You Pay For
YIU - Yes, I Understand
YKYARW - You Know You're A Redneck When
YKWIM - You know what I mean


  1. I've been called an "SOB" many times. I had no idea people were referring to my stress level!

  2. See Brad, others never thought of you as a bad person like you were thinking. They just think of you as someone who maybe needs a vacation to relax a little....maybe Oprah will send you to Australia.