Monday, March 7, 2011

Winning: How To Hijack A Google Search Word For Free

Recently one of the most Googled words has been "winning" -  thanks to all of Charlie Sheen's rants where he has sprinkled the word into almost every single media interview he has done since the implosion of his career/life.
I find it ironic that the one person who appears to be more of a loser of late, than that of a winner, is able to hijack the word "winning" as his very own Google search term.
This got me thinking at how irate all of those people and companies who paid good money to Google AdWords so their website will come up whenever someone uses the search term "winning" to find that they now come up 100 pages after the bazillion websites who are referencing the quote by Charlie Sheen. And he did it for free.
Typically Ad Words are not cheap. The prices are usually determined by some sort of $ per click. I really don't know how the Einstein behind it calculates it - all I know is that just thinking about it makes my noggin bleed. Quick grab me a soft helmet before my head explodes.
So apparently I see now that if you use any word over and over in an unlimited number of media interviews, in a short period of time - you too can also successfully hijack your favorite word without paying  Google for it.
Here are additional things you can do to secure the successful hijacking of your favorite word when anyone Googles it without paying for it:
  • Abuse drugs
  • Abuse alcohol
  • Have repeated domestic violence charges filed against you
  • Marry multiple times - make sure no marriage lasts longer than a Jimmie Johnson NASCAR Championship win streak
  • Allow 2 porn star skanks to move into your home to help care for your infant children
  • Call your boss a Maggot on National TV
  • Hire a film crew to video yourself getting your children taken away by the authorities
  • Invite your ex and porn stars to go on vacation with you
  • Tell your employer that just fired you that the only way you will come back to work is if they raise you pay from $2 million a week to $3 million
  • Program TMZ into your cell phone speed dial
  • Leave a paper trail by writing personal checks to a well know Madam who has high-priced hookers
  • Admit that your blood type is not A negative or A positive, but is Tiger Blood
  • Announce your sobriety method was by closing your eyes and saying it is so
So now you know how to hijack any word someone might use to search on Google.

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