Friday, March 4, 2011

Water For Elephants

The top-10 reasons to choose a pet dog over a pet elephant
1. 5 lbs. of kibble is much cheaper to buy than 200 lbs. of peanuts
2. If you get upset at a dog for something like say them peeing all over the couch, and accidentally yell at them they will love you no matter what. Elephants never forget and will hold the grudge forever - They must be Greek, just sayin'
3. A dog can sit in the back seat of the car without blocking the entire back window
4. What would the neighbors think? If you have a dog you could complain all day long about them having a pet Giraffe. But if you had a pet elephant you'd have to keep your pie hole shut.
5. You don't need flood insurance with dogs when they have an accident inside the house
6. When you teach a dog to roll over you don't have to worry about them taking out 1/2 of the living room furniture
7. Elephants won't fit in the shower when you need to give them a bath like a dog - how's that for a visual for your noggin?
8. Everyone notices when you have a pet dog. No one notices when there is a 3,000 pound elephant in the room.
9. You can't put on your sneakers and go running with an elephant
10. 5 lbs. of doggie kibble poop vs 200 lbs of elephant peanut poop - See, I'm greek not stupid
I do have plans to go see the movie Water For Elephants the minute it comes out! I am excited it looks like a great movie.


  1. Ava! Your elephant has four eyes!!@!@!@!

  2. Point #8 is excellent. I still want an elephant though.

  3. iusbvision
    Yes the doggie picture was so cute I did the entire post around the image.