Friday, March 25, 2011


The Greek girl has a pet peeve she needs to get off of her chest.
If  you are a fan of my music, or a regular reader of my blog, you already know I don't claim to be a domestic goddess.  It's not that I am untidy and a hoarder or that it takes me an hour to cook minute rice, because none of that is true. It's just that I have concentrated on my acting and singing career instead of my cooking, cleaning and sewing career.
I know by labeling today's blog "So..." and posting a header picture with some girl sewing in it is very misleading. But I did that just to confuse you and to make you think for just a nanosecond that I had a screw loose rattling around in my little Greek coconut.  But that's not the case (no matter what Mr. Bricks may think!) The reality is, I want to talk about one of my biggest pet peeves. It is when you are talking to another person and they don't finish their sentences because they are unsure what answer they will hear if they complete the sentence. They cop-out by not finishing their sentence and trailing off with the proverbial "So..." at the end of their incomplete sentence or thought. Let me give you some examples with my manager Mr. Bricks who is the biggest offender of the "Just say So" muckery:
Me: Well Mr. Bricks do you have a record deal for me yet?
Mr. Bricks: Not yet Ava. I'm working on contacting different labels and publishing companies and I haven't heard anything back yet, so...
Me: What did you have for lunch today Mr. Bricks?
Mr. Bricks: I went to McDonald's and had a McRib.
Me: I could have told you that. That food is so unhealthy.
Mr. Bricks: Yes Ava. But I had a lot of meetings and I didn't have time for anything else, so...
Me: I think I am going to go run 5 miles.
Mr. Bricks: You go Greek girl.
Me: Why don't you join me?
Mr. Bricks: Oh, I don't know Ava.
Me: It would do you some good because you will feel better and might lose some weight.
Mr. Bricks: You run fast and I don't want to slow you down, so...
See how frustrating that is? Just finish your sentences people and you won't get this blond Greek girl all worked up!!!

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