Sunday, March 6, 2011

You Can't Say That

So yesterday my blog post was one of my Saturday Morning Cartoons about myself and my manager Mr. Bricks. I finally revealed on my blog a big fat Greek secret I had been keeping for almost 6 months. The secret is that my manager is a former clown.  This morning Mr. Bricks called me super early and said, "You can't say that."
So apparently I am not allowed to talk about the days Mr. Bricks put on grease paint and a wig to make people laugh. Even if I think it is super cool, I can't let on. I had just found out something I can now hold over Mr. Bricks' head to get my way on things.  We all do that to some degree.
It is a trait we all learn from our parents. I remember one hot summer day when I was little and with my mom running errands. She stopped at a local ice cream store so we both could get a cone with a mixed swirl of 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 vanilla soft serve ice cream. I was licking away at the melty frozen treat - probably getting more on my little Greek face than in my pie hole - when my Mom dropped a bombshell. "Ava, you can't say anything about this to your sisters."
Exsqueeze me?  I just had a chocolate and vanilla swirl soft serve ice cream cone and my sisters did not and now you tell me I can't say anything about that? No way. That's not in my little kid deal memo. But I towed the line like any little girl wanting to please their Mom would do, and when I got home my face had been wiped clean and I didn't let on to anyone.
A few days later I wanted to have my friend Patty come over and write a song with me. Patty was a class mate of mine and we both were into writing songs, singing and boys. My mom wasn't to keen on me having Patty come over on a school night and quickly put the kaboosh on our impromptu get together. That's when a mischievous idea popped into my little Greek noggin. I didn't know that mischievous idea had a name until years later. They say the name of my idea was called Blackmail.
Yep, I told my mom that if she did not let Patty come over I was going to tell my sisters that Mom liked me best and that she even took me out for ice cream without them. My mom was smart and knew she had been had. She knew it was not a good idea to get the 5 Aston girls all riled up before bed time. So needless to say Patty and I had a great time writing songs (about boys) that night.
So, ok Mr. Bricks I will play your silly reindeer games. My lips are sealed (for now) about you being a former clown with Ringling Bros. Sometimes silence is not only golden, but also very valuable.
What's the biggest secret you have ever kept for a friend only to use it later for your gain? Please, do not make any serial murder confessions here because I won't keep your secret.

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  1. There are so many land mines in commenting to this post that I think it best to say two things:

    Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone (not really applicable here) and

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. (applies here - at least to Mr. B).