Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Secret Secret I've Got A Secret

Shhhhhhhh, It's a secret
By nature Greek girls like myself are not very good secret keepers because we like to talk too much.  I never really mastered the art of not revealing a secret. My mom would warn me to "keep my trap shut." That would only last about 10 minutes. Then out of the blue my trap would fly open and I would blurt out what ever I wasn't suppose to blab about.
So imagine now when I have a big fat Greek secret that I don't want others to know about, I have a hard time trusting others because I know how hard it is for me to keep my own trap shut. Most of the times I can't even tell my sisters my secrets because they are Greek and I might as well just rent a billboard and let the whole world know about my secret. Keep in mind my sisters aren't bad girls, they are just Greek girls.
When my manager Mr. Bricks called me last night and asked me what my blog was going to be about today it turned into total muckery:
Mr. Bricks:  So what is the topic of your blog tomorrow?
Me: It's a secret
Mr. Bricks: Why can't you tell me?
Me: Why can't I tell you what?
Mr. Bricks: What your blog is about tomorrow
Me: I just told you Mr. Bricks
Mr. Bricks: No, you said it was a secret
Me: That's right. It's a secret
Mr. Bricks: So you won't tell tell me?
Me:  I just did.
Mr. Bricks: No, you keep telling me it's a secret
Me:  Yes, that's because my blog topic is a secret
Mr. Bricks:  What don't you trust me? I'm not Greek. I'll keep my trap shut
Me: Mr. Bricks I told you it's a secret
Mr. Bricks: That's messed up Ava. You should just tell me
Me: (Frustrated) So Mr. Bricks, what do you think my Blog is about today?
Mr. Bricks: I don't know it's a secret
Me: That's what I have been trying to tell you
Mr. Bricks: Huh? What?  Oh never mind, I will never understand you Greek girl
Me: Shut your pie hole Mr. Bricks
Well my secret is still safe for now!

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