Sunday, May 1, 2011

Can You Feel It

After a Jillian Michaels' workout you CAN feel it.
I think my manager Mr. Bricks has finally lost his marbles. Just got a text from him and it said, (and I quote) "Ava something good is about to happen. I can feel it in my bones." What is he, a walking Ouija Board? Maybe in his wallet he also has tarot cards instead of his business cards and that's why he hasn't gotten me a record deal yet.  The only time I can feel something in my bones is after a Jillian Michael's work out. But I don't need to call Dionne Warwick or her friends at the Psychic Friends Network to know Mr. Bricks hasn't been working out with Jillian. If any of my blog readers out there is a Casting Director for the Biggest Loser, I nominate Mr. Bricks.

My Grandma Pauline would tell me she could predict the weather by the way her bones felt. I can understand that, because our bodies are connected to the earth. That explains why there are so many crazy people running around when there is a full moon. Next time there is a full moon go down to the local emergency room. It'll be packed. So, when my Grandma said she could predicted an impending snow storm, I believed her. But Mr. Bricks new-found psychic abilities? Call me a skeptic.

I have heard some people say that they have a "gut feeling" about something. I think the only "something" Mr. Bricks has a feeling about is putting some McRibs in his gut, Just sayin'. As much of a skeptic as I am about it, I hope Mr. Bricks is right and that he does have some unexplained feeling in his bones that something good is about to happen and good gravy that his feeling is not something explainable like a tick bite or scurvy. Sometimes the greatest things in life are those that are unplanned and come out of left field, and I hope it is that type of feeling that is gnawing at Mr. Bricks' skeleton.

Speaking of Can You Feel It, that was also the title of a hit song by the Jacksons (formally the Jackson 5). Check out their Can You Feel It video.

So, can you feel it? Can you feel it? Tell me now, can you feel it?



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