Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Let The Dogs Out

Ava Aston and her four Dogs
Two weeks ago we were whisked away and shipped to upstate New York to a secret location, only identified by codename: Grama's.  Then yesterday, in a similar clandestine operation as the one that was happening in Pakistan with the capture and whacking of Osama Bin Laden by an elite team of US Navy Seals, our Doggie Mom Ava swooped in with a helicopter and climbed down a rope, rescued us and carried us off to safety. Hurray for the U.S.A. Hurray for Ava!

Right Before the "Rescue"
Apparently what we learned from Grama, was that our Mom Ava was in some hot, desolate, sandy  far, far away place called Pakistan Florida.  Grama said the place is so hot your hair turns blue if you stay in the sun too long.  It must also change your skin color, because when Mom came back her skin isn't as white as milk anymore.   Pookie and Bobo kept asking Grama when, and if, Ava was coming back to get us. Grama said that Ava was on a very important  "business trip" that was so top-secret she had to meet outside on the beach to ensure she was not being recorded or spied on. We just doggie smiled at Grama's cockamamie story. The four of us all knew good and well that was just a bunch of crap... but we just went along with it because we were able to mope around and pretend to be sad. Each time Grama saw us being sad, she gave us more kibble and treats.  Truth be known, we were having the times of our doggie lives, eating more cheeseburgers from Wendy's than Mr. Bricks eats - but we didn't want Grama to catch on.
We had to laugh, because when Mom tried lifting us up the rope to carry us away to the waiting helicopter she said we were heavier and felt like four little fur covered meat loafs. (Thanks Grama, all those cheeseburgers and extra treats were yummo!)
We actually had a great time at Grama's. She always gives us extra belly rubs and scratches us behind out ears. Love that. And the best part was it was so quiet at Grama's house. You know why? Because Grama doesn't go around the house singing like our mom Ava does. Talk about annoying. If we hear Ava singing that new song of hers "Gone" one more time I think our doggie ears will start bleeding, for reals.
Well, Osama Bin Laden is swimming with the Fishes in the North Arabian Sea and we are safe and sound back at home with our Mom Ava. And we had two fun weeks with Grama being spoiled. Life is good.

 Punkin, Bobo,  Pookie & Itty Bitty
woof woof

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