Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hold Your Feet To The Fire

Not my actual feet!
Mr. Bricks has this crazy new saying, that he is going to hold my feet to the fire to get things done. Doesn't he know he will burn my sneakers? Speaking of sneakers, I'm dying to get the new Mizuno Wave Prophecy Sneakers.

The sneaker to end all sneakers
Hold your feet to the fire is an American Idiom which means to hold one accountable for a commitment or to make good on a promise. I think where Mr. Bricks is coming from is he is my manager and I say I want this or that and so when he puts down his McDonald's lunch long enough to get things done, he wants to make sure I will do what he has worked so hard to make happen.
Sometimes my Greek noggin has trouble weighing the thought of sticking to a grueling work schedule or going shopping. Well, left to my own devices in most instances, shopping always wins out. Mr. Bricks is going to make sure that doesn't happen.
Actually I do think it is important when I make a commitment to be held accountable for that commitment. For any person, our reputation is only as good as our word. In my own little world of muckery it is not just Mr. Bricks that I depend upon and who depends on me. There are several other people involved behind the scenes and so if I let down Mr. Bricks, I would be in fact letting down a whole team of people.
There is a lot of fun stuff coming up and I can't wait to tell you all about it. The only way every thing will get done is if in fact my feet are  held to the fire. That saying just makes me keep thinking about that old Tinactin TV commercial where some guy's feet burst into flames because he has athletes feet. I am pretty sure those are Mr. Bricks' feet that are spontaneously combusting, just sayin.

The best way to sum this up is from a quote I heard in my work out yesterday with one of my favorite trainers Jillian Michaels, "If you don't get uncomfortable nothing is going to change."


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