Thursday, May 5, 2011

15 Ways to Make Your Blog Go Viral

Self- Appointed Greek Blog Czar Ava Aston
The first thing they tell you in Blog Writing 101 class is that you need to capture the reader's attention in the title of your post. And right about now you are asking yourself, what was wrong with my noggin on January 1, 2011 when I announced to the world  that I would write a new blog every day, every week, etc? I suspect that your blog writing promise and noggin fog had a great deal to do with all of the champagne you consumed at the New Year's party. But now, you are probably really busy and thinking how much more you would rather be outside enjoying a nice spring day than being a slave to your computer with the daunting task of having to churn out yet another blog.
So I thought I would step in and help out. As the self-appointed Greek Blog Czar I have 15 options of sure-fire blog titles that you are free to use to help you make your next blog post go viral with little effort. These blogs will almost write themselves.
  1. Why Lindsay Lohan was nominated as citizen of the year
  2. Why death causes loneliness, feelings of isolation
  3. Why most cold waves are  linked to temperatures
  4. Why winners pay $15,000 to be Charlie Sheen's wing man for 1 night
  5. How Justin Bieber got 1.5 billion YouTube views
  6. Why most strikes that aren't settled quickly last a while
  7. Why Smokers are productive, but their death cuts efficiency
  8. How a dog hacking into your computer could ruin your holiday
  9. Why A Blind woman got a new kidney from a dad she hasn't seen in years
  10. Why Rebecca Black will win A Grammy
  11. Why A deaf-mute got a new hearing for a killing
  12. Why Police began a campaign to run down jaywalkers
  13. Why stiff opposition is expected for casketless funeral plans
  14. Why criminals Google their own names more than others
  15. Why safety experts say school bus passengers should be belted

Just slap one of these titles on the headline of your next post, grab a snappy picture and write a few sentences. Done.  Instant viral-ness, fame, fortune, and maybe an invitation to be on Oprah's "Best of the Internet" show.

Or you could just write a blog post like this and watch it go viral!

Blessings ~
Ava xox

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