Wednesday, May 18, 2011

To Be or Not To Be

Imagine the choices in Lady Gaga's wardrobe closet
That is the question... It is also the choice. Everything in life is all about the choices we make. The famous "To Be or Not To Be" quote obviously came from William Shakespeare's "Hamlet".  In the book/play, the protagonist, Hamlet, speaks this line when he is contemplating committing suicide--basically, the question was "Do I want to live or die?"SPOILER ALERT: Hamlet didn't take his own life he actually was killed by the poison that entered his bloodstream after being pierced by Laertes sword.
Now hopefully no one reading my blog today is as close to the edge as Mr. Hamlet was because after reading all about my muckery they might just jump to put themselves out of their misery...and that wouldn't be good a thing.  I don't need you bumping yourself off. I need all the fans I can get. Who's going to buy all of my CD's when Mr. Bricks finally gets me a record deal?
The different choices we must make in our lives start the minute we wake up in the morning each day. From do I make my own coffee or do I run to Dunkin Doughnuts for my cup of happiness to do I wash my hair if I go out or thrown on a hat? Or as I once heard Mr. Bricks say, do I finally do some laundry now or do I just go buy new clothes? Epic Fail.
When I don't understand something do I blame it on being blonde, blame it on loose wires in my Greek noggin or just blame it on Mr. Bricks? That's a tough choice. When I'm thirsty my choice is what flavor of Vitamin Water Zero do I drink? As of late it has been exclusively their "go-go" flavor.
My fellow bloggers out there will understand and relate with me that each day the big choice is what to blog about. I was one crazy Greek girl and made the commitment to write a blog-a-day this year, so I can not even ask myself "to blog or not to blog" because that is NOT the question.
Here are some other people with real choices they will have or had to make:
Rebecca Black
Does Rebecca sit in the front seat or the back seat?
Mr. Bricks
Does Mr. Bricks have a 2 Big Macs  or 2 McRibs for lunch?
Lady GaGa
Does Gaga cook the meat before she makes clothes out of it or just use it raw?
Charlie Sheen
Does Charlie pretend that he is still winning or does he admit losing a $3 Million- A-week sitcom job to Ashton Kutcher makes him a total loser?

Justin Timberlake
Should Justin attempt to try and bring sexy back one more time, or just leave it alone?
Ryan Seacrest
Does Ryan leave American Idol at the end of his contract like several judges have?
We must remember and not take too lightly how poor choices can greatly impact our life. Many people in the entertainment industry and in the public eye can lose their career based on poor choices. Yesterday, Arnold Schwarzenegger publicly admitted a poor choice he made more than 10-years ago. No doubt his wife will be saying Hasta la vista, baby.
Ok, most of our choices might not be as life altering or as important as William Shakespeare wrote for Hamlet's soliloquy but how fun would it be if we actually put that much though and consideration into everything we did. This Greek girl thinks we might just end up with a better world - just sayin'


  1. my choice today: to join twitter ...

  2. my choice is to ask you to follow me on Twitter @avaaston

    just sayin' it's all about choices :)



  3. My Choice Is To Show Love <3 HyperspaceGuitar