Sunday, May 29, 2011

Who Has the Most Likes On Facebook

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There is no doubt that social networking has revolutionized the way most of us live. I know that is true, otherwise blogging like this would be like the old dust bowl days days before the early part of 2003. That's when the world was introduced to the two most popular blogging sites, WordPress and Blogger. Back in the old days people wrote the crap that was in their noggin into a little book with a lock and key so no one else would see it.

But now, the more people who read the crap from your noggin, the more popular you can become. You can even get a TV deal based on how many people like the stuff that oozes out of your noggin. Not bad. Yes, by blogging and using social networking sites the entire world can now see how popular almost anything is, even a particular type of cookie like an Oreo.

Did you ever wonder how the Facebook page for your band, store, club or favorite cookie stacks up against the millions and millions of other pages on Facebook? Well, there's an app for that! Click here.

As of today May 29th, 2011 here are what pages the 500 million Facebook users "like" the most.

1. Texas Hold'em Poker43,676,389
2. Facebook42,797,272
3. Eminem37,888,938
4. Lady Gaga35,904,305
5. YouTube35,617,068
6. Rihanna34,849,368
7. Family Guy31,548,567
8. Shakira31,092,469
9. Linkin Park28,818,334
10. Coca-Cola28,358,949
11. Justin Bieber28,238,580
12. South Park28,034,168
13. The Simpsons27,993,457
14. Cristiano Ronaldo27,135,092
15. Katy Perry26,198,799
16. Bob Marley25,660,294
17. Lil Wayne25,377,278
18. Vin Diesel24,820,088
19. Megan Fox24,736,967
20. Harry Potter24,692,235
21. Disney24,423,067
22. AKON23,625,179
23. Music22,719,345
24. MTV22,686,123
25. SpongeBob SquarePants22,628,977
26. Starbucks22,467,997
27. Twilight22,177,948
28. House22,029,440
29. Beyoncé21,910,851
30. The Twilight Saga21,591,493
31. Taylor Swift21,532,346
32. Barack Obama21,059,384
33. Adam Sandler20,963,922
34. Toy Story20,845,820
35. Dr. House20,536,764
36. Avril Lavigne20,247,445
37. Oreo20,159,905
38. Selena Gomez20,071,562
39. David Guetta19,729,666
40. Two and a Half Men19,648,344

Ok, looks like if I ever want to be as popular as an Oreo Cookie (#37) on Facebook, I have some real work to do.




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