Sunday, May 15, 2011


This car is my #1 Twitch
Today the secret word is Twitch. A twitch is a reaction to muckery happening with your muscles. To my great Greek surprise actually had definitions for several different types of twitches. Who knew?
  • Convulsion, rapid and repeated muscle contraction and relaxation, resulting in uncontrolled shaking
  • Fasciculation, a small, local, involuntary muscle contraction
  • Myoclonic twitch, a jerk usually caused by sudden muscle contractions
  • Myokymia, a continuous, involuntary muscle twitch that affects the muscles of the face, particularly the eyelids
  • Spasm, a sudden, involuntary contraction of a muscle, group of muscles, hollow organ, or orifice
  • Tic, an involuntary, repetitive, nonrhythmic movement or vocalization of sudden onset and involving discrete muscle groups
  • Tremor, an involuntary, repetitive, somewhat rhythmic, muscle contraction and relaxation
To no one's surprise I have also found other types of twitches. It is not as cut and dry as just saying I have found good twitches and bad twitches. Because my Greek noggin is not wired like other noggins, I felt the need to also classify some of my twitches, fair enough?
Good Twitches
Shopping Twitches
  • Super Dry
  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Express
  • Kohls  (also Kohls Cash is a monetary twitch)
  • Sephora
  • Outlet Malls
  • Coach Store
  • A good TJ Maxx
Yummy Twitches
  • A hot cup of happiness from Dunkin Donuts
  • A few bites from a slice of New York Pizza
  • Vitamin Water Zero "GoGo" Flavor
  • Orbit Sugar Free Gum
  • A Turkey Club on Wheat from my favorite diner (a yummo twitch)
  • Ghiradelli Chocolate
Movie twitches
Rocky (also a motivational twitch)
Sneaker Twitches
Mizuno Wave Nirvana 6
Nike Shox
Nike 36o Air max
Musical Twitches
  • The song "Eye of the Tiger" from Rocky
  • The Theme song from "The Biggest Loser"
  • My new song "Gone"
Healthy Twitches
  • Working out
  • The Biggest Loser
  • Jillian Michaels
  • Bob Harper
  • Brett Hoebel
  • Tony Horton
  • Billy Blanks
  • Zone Bars
Bad Twitches
  • Bed Bugs
  • Checking into hotels  (gotta do that bed bug check)
  • Getting "poked" by total strangers on FaceBook (that's a creepy twitch)
  • S.p.i.d.e.r.s.  & --- I do not say that word out loud ~ Ever.
  • Mr. Bricks' toe nail clippers  (that's a revolting twitch)
  • A bad TJ Max store

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