Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Has a Blog Crush Gone too Far?

Example of acting out on a Blog Crush 
I have met many nice people since I started blogging and 99.9% of them have been really cool.  The other .01% I just write off as mucked up trolls.
I like meeting other bloggers and quite often I find their blogs very well written and much funnier than mine. So much so that they make me laugh my Greek butt off. One such funny blog (which is very cleverly written) is by Cassie Behle.  Cassie recently posted a blog entitled Reported Cases of the Mondays Doubled in US Since 2008. Check it out, it's really funny.
The power of the blogosphere also makes for very strange bedfellows. After I complimented Cassie about her blog post being hysterical she responded back to me with a kind comment about one of my blog posts. Like other Social Media Connections (SMC) it quickly became a mutual admiration society between the two of us. Kind of like a virtual pat on each other's back.
As I currently do with many of my other fellow blogging SMC's, Cassie and I continued to comment back and forth on each others blogs. But that is where a normal Blogger to Blogger Friendship (BTBF) took a creepy turn.  Because if I wouldn't know better, I would think that Cassie has a Big Blog Crush (BBC) on my manager Mr. Bricks. And now a couple of weeks later she is openly flirting with him in her comments to me. Look at her increased attention to Mr. Bricks in each of the following comments and tell me what you think. Am I right?
Here is one of Cassie's first comments about my blog about 3 weeks ago:
"Dear Ms. Aston, I really enjoyed your blog today. It was super funny. I loved the way you typed Mr. Bricks' name in the blog.  Just seeing his name on my computer screen makes me light up like the milkyway. I mean the galaxy, not the candy bar."
Then there was this one about two weeks ago...
"Hey Ava, when I get out of bed in the mornings the first thing I do, even before my morning coffee, is read your blog. I just love to see what Muckery Mr. Bricks has gotten into in the past 24 hours. Poor guy. I hope you are treating him well.  - Cassie"
Then just the other day this tell-tale comment arrived from Cassie:
 " Hey Greek Girl - I wonder if you have ever thought about the fact that you might be hurting Mr. Bricks' feelings with the way you talk about him and diss him in your blog. He seems like such a warm & sensitive guy. It would just crush my little Mid-Western heart to know that Mr. Bricks had a tear coming from his one lazy eye and there was no one to wipe it from his face.  - Cassie"
Ok, see what I am saying? So, I am thinking, what's wrong with this girl's coconut? Has Cassie really read anything I have ever written about my McRib loving manager and all of the Muckery he causes in my life and career? Does this well-meaning girl from Nebraska realize that Mr. Bricks thinks it is fashionable to take his large framed body to a beach wearing nothing but a Speedo? That is just not correct. And does Cassie know that Mr. Bricks has yet to get me a record deal? Hello.
Oh, Good Gravy (OGG) I think I need to do a Blog Crush Intervention (BCI) on Cassie.

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